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How to Care for the Lawn in Summer

In a hot summer and where the sun does not give truce, the grass or grass of your garden can suffer consequences. Do you want to know how to take care of the lawn in summer? Write down these tips to have the green lawn in the hottest times. In the summer period, there is no doubt that the gardens look their best, thanks to the care and that the plants are in all their splendor. To ensure that the garden becomes a pleasant place, it is essential to keep it in good condition, and for this a series of attention and care must be followed before the arrival of the intense heat.

If the summer is very hot, you not only run the risk of the grass drying out, straw yellow and dying, but also weeds and insects will soon appear in your garden.

The best advice to take lawn care in summer is not to wait to see how the sun is damaging it, since then it will be more difficult to recover it. It is better to prevent the situation, achieve a thick, green and strong lawn and maintain it.

Recommendations for Lawn Care in Summer

Lawn care should begin in the spring, start by fertilizing it during this time of less heat and when you cut it, avoid doing it flush so that the first rays of the sun do not burn it.

In midsummer, raise the height of the mower blade and leave it somewhat long, meaning that the height of the lawn is greater than when you cut it in winter or fall.

Watering the lawn in summer should be done uniformly, ideally watering it first thing in the morning, when the sun has not yet completely risen. A trick to know if the grass is receiving enough water is to introduce a screwdriver into the ground, if it slides easily then it is perfect, but if it costs to bury it then you will have to increase the amount of irrigation water.

What else to do for Lawn Care in Summer

Do not apply herbicides; to prevent weeds use it in spring. The best and least toxic are soap herbicides.

If your lawn has brown spots it is because there are worms and larvae; If this happens at the beginning of autumn, it is a bad sign for the care of your lawn in summer, so look for ways to eliminate them with some insecticide.

Everything you can do for your lawn before the arrival of summer will be rewarded later with the growth of a healthy and abundant lawn.