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4 Creative Uses for Weather Stripping

Everyone knows that weather stripping is the go-to product for reducing drafts through old windows and doors. But, there are some other uses for this versatile product that may surprise you. If you have leftover weather stripping junking up your toolbox or garage, then put it to use in these creative ways.


Weather seal can be used in your car to reduce drafts around your windows. Often, the stripping around vehicle doors becomes dented over time. Cut small sections of stripping to reinforce those worn-out spots and reduce drafts around the door. It can also be used in the trunk. If water runs into your trunk after a rainy day, then install stripping around the edge of the opening. Weather stripping is made not only to reduce drafts but to divert water.


If you have a fireplace, then you’ve probably noticed the drafts it causes during colder months. The culprit is sometimes a leaky damper. This should not be fixed with the regular stripping you place around your windows. However, you can use weather stripping around the fireplace doors and covers. If you have a fireplace insert, then use stripping around the sides and against the floor. Just be careful that it is not on the interior of the fireplace or chimney. This would be a fire hazard.


Wrap weather stripping around any tool that you use frequently for comfort and safety. It will make the grip better so that the tool does not slip out of your hand. Your hands will also hurt less from having a soft surface to grip. You may even spare yourself a few splinters. Take the weather stripping and wrap it around the handle in a spiral pattern. Make sure to overlap the stripping at the bottom of the handle so that it doesn’t unravel or slip off while you are working.


Area rugs can become a tripping hazard if they easily slip around on your floor. Non-slip carpet pads are recommended, but often don’t stay in place either. Then, you end up with an ugly pad peeking out from under the rug. Instead of a non-slip pad, line the edge of your rug with weather stripping. It will stick right to the bottom of your rug, keeping it firmly in place. No ugly pads to constantly readjust. No slipping and falling from a rug sliding out from under you.