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5 Characteristics of Top Rated Cabinets

Are you planning to upgrade or remodel your house? Regardless of the price, invest in high-quality cabinets that will offer you long-lasting services and save on future maintenance or repair costs. Differentiating top-quality cabinets from poor quality is quite challenging. You should also note that the price and appearance do not determine the quality of the cabinets. Below we have analyzed five essential characteristics of high-quality cabinets that you should consider before making a purchase.

Soft Close Hinges

Cabinet hinges are not only vital but vulnerable components, especially on kitchen cabinets. In a day, you can open or close the door numerous times. A low-quality hinge may become lose or shut after a short period. Purchase a durable steel cabinet that comes with six adjustable close hinges ranging from left and right, in and out, or up and downs. The soft close hinges provide a soft and silent closing mechanism and higher flexibility on temperature fluctuations. Albeit soft close hinges are pricey compared to standard hinges, they have proven their durability and incredible functionality.

High-Quality Material

It is crucial to spend an extra buck but end up with a cabinet box made of high-quality material. Though particle boards are cheaper than plywood, full plywood is the perfect material made of veneer sheet, glue, fastener, and screw for constructing the sides and back of the cabinets. The moisture resistance material is robust and stable to handle strong countertops. The features also allow the cabinet to maintain the square shape during installation or shipping.

Non-Porous and Easy to Clean Cabinet Interiors

The interior surface of the cabinets consists of shelves and drawers used for storage. It should be robust, non-porous, easy to clean, moisture, fire, and water-resistant for durability purposes. The common materials used on the interior include laminate and melamine. Though both materials offer the best functionality, melamine is a perfect choice. It is strong, soft, and can withstand wear, tear, or stain. You can clean it using household solutions.

Upgraded Construction Method

The two common construction styles include frame face and frameless. The methods differ in appearance, stability, and strength. The frame face cabinets consist of slides, doors, and hinges attached to the box, while a solid hardwood frame is fixed at the front. The feature helps keep the cabinet box stable during the delivery and installation process. The framed cabinets come in three distinguished styles known as inset, full and partial overlays. The frameless cabinets, also called European style, attract a costly installation rate, and the cabinets are attached to the cabinet’s sidewalls directly. For quality cabinets, go for frame face.

Long-Lasting Height Pack Panel

The full height panel construction depends on the construction method applied at the back. It directly attached the wall stud to the back of the cabinet walls. A heavy back panel promotes cabinet strength and makes installation easier and vice versa. When the back is constructed using plywood, you will not need any rail hanging because it advances the top to bottom and extends it from sides to sides.

With the above practical information, you can distinguish between the best and poor-quality cabinets. Cabinet Manufacturers Denver has various designs and colors of the top-rated cabinet box.