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Customer Review for Portable Ice Maker

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

Top Positive Review

Like a monster, this handheld ice maker works. I’m so grateful to have bought this one. I don’t know why a few bad feedback, but you have to follow the directions like once you get these things, let it sit upright for at least 2 hours, you can start making ice clean inside & boom! For my ice, I used a broad setting. Not to mention how quickly your ice is created by this unit. The photo I posted with an ice bag is how much 4 bottles of water (buying gallon bottles to use instead) rendered ice. If you are on the fence about having one, I suggest this portable ice machine.

Top Critical Review

Broke in less than a year

I wanted to go ahead and take it aside and see what I could do after the ice maker didn’t work for a month or so. The attached image is the fully rusted motor for the water pump. It’s not going to transform, even though it always wants to. This object should not be suggested for buying.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 28 lb

Top positive review

We set this machine up on our counter and waited 24 hours before we began it, in tact and in good condition. We took it immediately on our camping trip, after which it worked well, and it made enough ice for the entire weekend (with a frozen drink blender).

It appears like the reviews are either fantastic or bad, my word of wisdom, and I have a theory about that. I know a little about these systems (even as small as they are) as I am in the industrial commercial refrigeration HVAC market. This object is in a package that is in a box that is in another box during delivery, this shows me that no one even knows which end is up, cooling systems need to get the oil and refrigerant in the sumo and the lines clear to function properly so that the machine can stand upright for 24 hours after shipping to allow all the fluids inside to settle before starting it for the first time. Not doing this could cause any of the signals that people report, “runs loud” “just made one batch of ice and stopped” “didn’t work at all” etc. etc. It might not be the cause of any issue, but I guarantee that some of them are triggered by it, the joy of having the product and running it instantly may be the culprit, let it settle until the next day. If it was on its side at some amount of time, BTW this is valid for any refrigerator or freezer, so it will still need to stand upright before starting it back up, fresh or used.

I would recommend this thing to everybody,

Top Critical Review

I was Super excited when we first got this ice maker. Both instructions were followed and set up within minutes. We got our first ice pack in 10 minutes. Tried all 3 size settings. For those who like to eat chocolate, appreciate that it is bullet ice and the strongest kind of ice. This ice-maker totally loved it!! He used it as a supplement for our freezer ice.

However, we had it 3 weeks and it stopped working. It just died:(I thought this was designed to make ice and would last way more than three weeks. Very frustrated.

It has three ice settings: small medium and massive. The size of the ice is actually not a major difference. They are both shaped like arrows and come out the same thickness. The medium and large ice is heavier than the small size ice. Making small ice requires about 6 minutes to produce the shortest amount of time . It takes about 9 minutes to make the biggest ice.

When the ice basket is filled and when water has to be applied, there is a Led light to view. The unit can immediately feel additional water whenever you empty the bottom when the light is on. So it takes a bit to do so. If you need more ice right away, you’re going to have to power the machine off and back on — I hope they’re trying to come up with a simpler solution than this — just my opinion.

If the machine is turned off, whatever ice is actually being made at the moment will be dumped. If you have the machine on it, until the basket is full, it will immediately stop making ice.

The bin will quickly come out of water to either deposit the ready ice into another container or fridge, or simply to refill the bottom area. On the left side (same side as the fan motor) there is a drain. Be cautious that you do not leak water into the fan motor while emptying the water-this will potentially ruin the computer. Using the drain plug instead, but don’t want to pour the water out.

Igloo ICEB26HNSS Automatic Self-Cleaning Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker Machine With Handle

I love this ice maker totally!

I purchased it solely because there’s no ice maker in our RV refrigerator. I’m one of those weirdos, literally, who orders a drink just for the cream.

Because of some of the posts, I was a little iffy about buying, but I’m so happy I looked beyond them all. I have my ice maker outside, and the noise that comes from it is very little or no noise. It’s really straight forward-and on the inside, it has a max fill line below the basket.

The aqua colour is just a bonus addition! Really adorable.

Top Critical Review

I rarely leave input … but I feel the need for this scenario. We purchased this ice maker, and for about a week, it worked. We will not return it, and that will not benefit the producer we were led to assist. They said they were not selling this model, and they were unable to help. Sadly, I can’t even get through to Amazon’s support to solve it, so we’re likely going to be left with this pricey hunk of metal. Because of the help, we will not buy Igloo goods again.