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Give Your House A Minimalistic Look Using Floating Shelves  

When it comes to giving your house a minimalistic look, it means less is more so the goal here is to declutter. Giving the house a minimalistic look has become so popular over the past few years, so most people must be familiar with this term. Minimalistic designs are clear, clean, and organized, and it focuses on giving your house a clean look with the bare minimum. So, if your goal is to give your house a minimalistic look while making storage space to keep your things organized, you should consider using Floating Shelves. Floating shelves are open on both sides where you can store items and create artwork as well.

Floating Shelves Are Minimal: Floating shelves are exposed from all sides, which makes it easy to clean and organized. Some may view this as a disadvantage as whatever you keep on the shelf will be exposed, but it will rather make your items look tidier. You can also take this opportunity to showcase your favorite items and turn the shelf into artwork.

You Can Use Them Anywhere In Your Home: Floating shelves can be used anywhere, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even in the bedroom. You can use it in the kitchen over the sink or stove, where you can keep some items or even decorate them by displaying some of your favorites dishes. You can use it in the bathroom to keep your spare towels, toilet paper rolls, plants, magazines, and more. And you most certainly do not have to use just one layer, you can lay out two to three-layer depending on the exposure and accessibility.

Use It In The Exposed Corner:  If you have an exposed corner in any part of your house, you can also put a shelf there. Corner areas can often go overlooked, but it is a great opportunity to create storage space in an area you least expected. Floating shelves do not only provide great storage space but are also a great area to do something outside of the box.

Use It To Showcase Your Favourite Decors:  Apart from using it as a storage space, you can also use it to showcase your favorite home decor. To Vamp up your showcase area, you can play with lighting, you can either install some backlight or put some light above it for a dramatic effect. By running lights through shelves, you can create a spectacular display.

Create A Bookshelf Out Of It:  These shelves are a great place to display your books, and it will work like magic if you have a lot of coffee table books. Along with showcasing your books, you can also place some indoor plants, or display some of your favorite artwork. This is a great idea if you have always wanted a mini library and a reading area.

Add A Little Bit Of Spice: Minimalistic does not always mean that you have to follow the black and white palette, you can also add a pop of color to it. You can go for a rusty or a wooden shelf instead of the all-white or black. You can also decide to display your statement accessories, candles, houseplants, and more. And when you arrange these items carefully, you can create a piece of art out of them.

Use It Above The TV or Fireplace: Yes, minimalistic is the goal here, which means that the lesser the items the better. But if you think that the space above your TV or your fireplace looks too empty, you can always place a floating shelf there. And to keep it minimal, you can place some green indoor plants, some coffee table books, or an art piece. How you decorate it is truly up to you.

To go with the minimalistic theme in your home, you can use floating shelves to add more storage.