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How to Plan Bathrooms Design in Canberra?

Gone are the days when the bathrooms were portrayed as a dilapidated section of your house that was dark and ill-maintained. In this modern era, you will find people spending quite a small fortune on redesigning their bathrooms. It will not be wrong to say that this is that section of your house where you can spend some private time with yourself. There are many people who also come up with some of the best solutions to a long nagging problem in private or office life when they are alone in their bathrooms.

Tips to Plan Your Bathroom Designs

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom with, there are several tips that can actually help you in such projects. Keeping these tips in mind will make bathroom redesigning projects seem like a piece of cake for you. Some of these tips have been discussed hereunder for your advantage.

  • Plan out A Rather Efficient Layout: Even if you visit some of the dreamiest bathrooms of your life, you will have to deal with water lines, vent stacks, and plumbing drains. It is important for you to remember that bathroom floor plans usually fall into either 1, 2 o3 3 wet-wall layouts. A single wall layout lines up the toilet, sink and the shower. It also happens to be one of the most cost-effective designs that you will ever come across.
  • Think About The Sink: You will come across integral bathroom sinks that are basically one piece along with a vanity counter, as well as, undermount bathroom sinks both of which make it very simple for you to wipe out messes from the counter into the sink itself. There are also self-rimming bathroom sinks, which are pretty economical and also extremely simple to install. However, the perimeter lip of these sinks tend to collect grime pretty easily.
  • Lighting Tips: Your bathroom needs to be one of the best lit sections of your house. If you wish to go for general bathroom lighting options, then you may go with the ceiling-mounted fixtures. If this is not something you wish for your bathroom, you may even go for pendant lights or chandeliers. If you have enclosed tubs and showers, these normally require vapor-proof downlights. You may even go for accent lights that can spotlight an architectural feature or collection and also contribute mood and sparkle.
  • Bathtub Tips: When you decide to install a brand new or replace an existing bathtub, you need to remember that a platform bathtub normally comes with unfinished exterior and also drops into a boxlike structure that also acts as support. The deck or the top of the bathtub is generally made with a waterproof material like marble, tiles or limestones. On the other hand, the sides are either covered in stone or tile or paneled in wood to match with the decking. Whichever one you opt for, you can always go for a whirlpool tub or a soaking tub in order to maximize your relaxation while taking your bath in your bathroom.