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How to Plan Your Attic Cleanout

A lot of people start off using their attic as a great place for extra storage, but before long end up just throwing things up there when there is seemingly no place for it elsewhere. The result? A lot of junk and wasted space in your home.

With now being the perfect time of year to take on some cleaning tasks, why not tackle that messy attic? Here are some tips for creating the perfect plan for turning that messy attic into the perfect extra storage space that you always wanted it to be.

Empty It Out

In order to make things clean, you might first need to make things messy. The best way to start cleaning out your attic is to completely empty your attic of boxes, furniture and any other large objects that take up a lot of space.

Clean Big Objects

Whether it means dusting them, taking things outside to wash, or running a cycle of laundry, you need to wash what you can. Then replace any cardboard or flimsy storage systems with sturdy, secure bins in order to make sure they stay clean and safe.

A Deep Clean

With all of the large items removed from the attic, you can now get into a deep clean of your attic. Vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces is key. However, you should also be looking for mold, signs of pests, and insulation issues while cleaning.


Before you put everything back in the attic, make sure you sort through everything and get rid of what you do not need, or will not use anymore. When you put everything back, make sure you do so in an organized and functional fashion. Keeping things tidy will prevent you from just getting back into a habit of throwing things wherever in the future.

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