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Recovering After A Strom

Recovering from a natural disaster can be an enormous headache. Mother Nature can wreak havoc upon your home and your possessions through wind and water, and the results can be devastating. The following services might be helpful to consider as you get your family back into your home safely.


First and foremost, after any storm, you will want to connect with your homeowner’s insurance. A good insurance agent will work with you immediately to assess the damages to your home and help set you up with a plan to rebuild whatever has been destroyed.

Insurance agents are also well connected to reputable businesses in the community. Asking them for recommendations and referrals for the work you need to be done is a great starting place when you are feeling overwhelmed by your task list.

Roof Replacement

It’s important to have a contractor check out your roof to see if your shingles sustained damage in the storm. If your roof is in trouble, looking for a reputable storm damage roof repair Denver CO company is the way to go. Sometimes, the full roof will need to be replaced, while other times perhaps only a section or side of your house sustained damaged because of how the storm blew through.

Tree Removal

Other times, felled trees and stick debris are part of the storm’s wrath and a good tree removal company can be a great help. High winds can cause lots of damage to the trees on your property and even blow other people’s larger limbs into your yard. If you find yourself looking out your window at fallen limbs and trees, it’s time to call up a certified tree removal service to assist you in the clean-up. Tree removal has gotten to be quite easy for contractors with the right equipment; most toppled trees can be cut up and shredded onsite within hours, depending on the size of the tree.

Window Replacement

If your windows or shutters have been damaged in the storm, then it is good to get an insurance quote for replacing the broken windows. A reputable window company will work in tandem with your insurance company to ensure that you get full replacements for whatever has broken.

Overall, dealing with clean-up from a storm can take many months. It’s important to problem solve the biggest issues first and ask for lots of help along the way. As each item is checked off your list, you will feel better and better about reclaiming your home after the storm.