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Simple tips for caring for your trees

Trees add beauty and comfort to every landscape to which they are added to. The trees provide shade for the summer, reducing the energy bills while providing warmth in the summer months. You can easily plant the trees of different breeds and enjoy their fruit and shade as much as you want. They do not require this effort daily as well. So if you add the tree care tips to your routine, you would find yourself at much ease to practice them now and then.

You can avail of the services from tree service Opelika al if you want the professionals to take care of your trees. They have trained professionals who can help you a lot with taking good care of your trees.

Here we have gathered tips from professionals about how we can care for the trees in our yard and help us in the best ways.

  1. Choose the right tree.

The first thing to do is to choose wisely as to which tree you should plant. For this, you need to consider your area’s climate and soil and the knowledge that which trees grow best in your site. Once you choose the right kind of tree, you will enjoy years of freshness and beauty from it.

  1. Be careful with the stakes.

If your new tree has a delicate trunk and needs stakes, make sure that you remove them early. A tree that is allowed to sway in the wind will eventually develop a strong trunk. So leave the tree on its own and let it develop its firm trunk. If stakes are necessary, then only two stakes on either side with a flexible tie to the trunk would be more than enough.

  1. Keep out the grass

When you have planted your tree, be sure to keep it off from the grass because the grass takes away the nutrients that are meant for the tree. The grass growing right around the trunk and the tree’s base is not suitable for the tree’s health. So make sure you pluck it away and fill the base with mulch. The more mulch, the better would the tree grow.

  1. Water properly

Trees, whether new or old, need water in adequate quantity to stay healthy. Especially on drought days, we think that they do not need water, although they do. So water correctly and in such a way that you are filling the tree trunk with plenty of water that goes deep in the ground. Water thrice a week but deeply is recommended compared to twice a day.

  1. Fertilize

The trees need nutrition other than water and sunlight as well, and it comes from the fertilizers. A soil test could learn the most suitable fertilizers for the area of your yard. a new tree would require more fertilizing than a healthy and older tree. So choose fertilizers wisely.

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