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The Next Things You Should Do For Quartz Countertops

Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, quartz undeniably enhances the style of a room. Whether the decor is luxurious, modern or minimalist, this natural stone matches perfectly. However, it is not the only material available on the market and its slightly higher cost deserves some thought. Fortunately, quartz has many advantages that make the investment worthwhile. Here is a short guide to important information to know before buying this type of counter.

The composition of quartz countertops

Quartz differs from other materials by its composition. This is because unlike marble and granite, quartz countertops are formed from an engineered stone: a mixture of different minerals and a resin or polymer glue. The quality of the block and its price are influenced by the percentage of quartz contained in the whole.

On the other hand, the composition of quartz gives it an undeniable advantage: the choices of colors, patterns and textures are multiplying. Due to the combination of different elements, countertops are sold in milky white, gray, black, blue, green and even fuchsia. The pattern of quartz can be plain, veined and with small or large grains. In addition, the finishes can be polished, suede or volcanos.

The characteristics of quartz countertops

Quartz, one of the strongest materials on Earth, has many beneficial characteristics for the kitchen. This is because the smooth, non-porous surface means high stain resistance. In addition, this quality decreases the proliferation of bacteria on the counter.

In addition, this material is easy to clean; a damp cloth and mild soap are sufficient. Abrasive and chemical products should be avoided so as not to damage the stone. The mixture of resin and minerals creates a very solid surface that does not require a sealer, unlike granite. In addition, although it is recommended not to cut food directly on quartz, this material has high resistance to impact and scratches.

Good quality quartz is environmentally friendly

Indeed, some manufacturers offer calacattalaza quartz slabs composed only of waste from the extraction or manufacturing processes of various minerals. Thus, no stone is directly extracted to make the Stone Countertops.