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Tips for choosing the tiles for your bathroom renovation

Renovation of the bathroom or any other part of the house is something very exciting and relaxing for the homeowners. However, all these things require you to plan ahead of time and get all the requirements written on the paper as well. Before starting any kind of shopping for the bathroom renovation, you must first consult the other members who would be using the bathroom with you.

Once you have planned all the things and put everything on paper, the next thing you are required to do is to search the market for the available options in this field. But first, you need to know how to select the best and most appropriate tile for the bathroom tiling Sydney and here is a short list that would help you decide about it.

  1. Pick the tile that you want to have for must

When we are starting a bathroom renovation, we typically have one MUST HAVE tile in our mind that we want to have in our bathroom. Making it the first step for the bathroom renovation, we can ten move along with other tiles. This one tile can be a unique accent tile that you would be using as a single piece or two in the bathroom. Or it can be a common tile that could go along in the whole bathroom. All depends on what you want to have in your bathroom.

  1. Do not use more than three types of tile for a bathroom

Since your must have tile is going to guide you on how to decide the next ones in the renovation, you must make sure that no more than three different types of tiles are being used in your bathroom renovation. If your ‘must have’ tile is a unique patterned one, then use plain accent tiles in the rest of the bathroom but if the plain tile is your must have, then try to play up with the colors or patterns to move along in the rest of the bathroom.

  1. Add one show stopper tile to your bathroom too

Since bathroom are the place where you want to rest and spend personal time, you must add some personalized touch to it as well. for example, most of the bathrooms are mostly white in color, but one signature tile is added to the upper part of the bathroom, or to a single small wall of the shower, or on the floor of the plain white bathroom that works both as a focus point and a show stopper for your personal space.

  1. Consider maintenance

When you are shopping for the tiles for your bathroom, make sure that you are considering practicality as well. this means, that you have to consider the cleaning of the tiles as well. Like the tiles that get most wet all the times, need to be picked in porcelain and should be well sealed as well. these would be easy to clean and would not get grime and dirt.