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Use Your Shower Time for Meditation  

Meditation techniques are becoming more popular these days. More people see the value of meditation. Even schools teach kids how to meditate. The benefits of meditation are incomparable, and everyone needs to take a few minutes each day to do it.

For newbies, meditation needs to happen in a quiet place where they can focus. For others, they can meditate whenever they want. Even if they’re travelling on a bus or in a crowd, they can find a way to connect with themselves and meditate.

Your shower time might be the perfect opportunity to meditate if you’re a newbie and you need to be in a conducive environment.

The good thing about being in a shower room is that you’re alone. For working parents like you, the time you spend inside the shower might be the only time when you can be alone. At work, you face your colleagues all the time. At home, you have to attend to the needs of your kids. Given the things that bother you, it helps you to have a quiet moment inside the shower room for you to concentrate and delve deeper into yourself.

You already finished your tasks

When you head inside the shower room, it means that you have finished your work. You already took care of the needs of your children. You’re ready to relax because you won’t feel guilty about meditating. Sometimes, even when you see the benefits of pampering yourself, you still feel guilty. However, when you know that you already took care of everything, you can bathe without feeling bothered.

Everything is perfect

Imagine being inside your shower room. The place is quiet. You can even put on your favourite songs. You can also decorate the area so that it looks more relaxing. As you turn the steam shower on, you will feel the warm water dripping down your skin. You can also smell the scents of the beauty products that you use. All of them will make you feel relaxed. It’s easy to soothe yourself under these conditions.

It’s only for a few minutes

You don’t need lots of time so you can meditate. A few minutes a day will suffice. The same thing is true for bathing. As such, it’s the perfect time for you to do these things together. You can clean your body, feel relaxed and eliminate negative thoughts. After bathing, you can head back to your regular activities. You can take care of your kids again or do your pending tasks.

After you meditate, you will feel energised. It seems like you regained everything that you lost during the day. You must set a few minutes each day to step inside the shower room just for bathing and meditating. If you can’t do it, it means that you have a lot on your plate. It’s time that you manage your schedule better. You don’t live to work, but the other way around.