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What Real Estate Custom Yard Signs have in Common?

Lawn or yard signs are the unsung and unrecognized heroes of the real estate industry. Rain, shine, night, or day, they are outside working hard to help communicate the company or professional’s contact information to the public. And all of this for little to no pay. There are a lot of talks about how technology is disrupting the real estate world.

It is pretty challenging to imagine the days before the Internet was a thing. New marketing platforms and software pop up every week. And in just a couple of years, startups are earning valuations in the hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars.

But through all of these changes in the real estate industry, signage has remained one of the most effective ways to market services. And from what we have seen, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Where there is a property being sold, people can count on there being signs out front.

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Best practices for real estate signage

Just because these things have been around for many years, it does not mean they cannot be improved. We will take a closer look at some questions people need to ask before they start their search for an excellent real estate template.

What information needs to be on the yard sign?

First and foremost, the basics. A lot of individuals who will read the sign are always on the move, either driving, walking, jogging, or running. It means firms only have a couple of seconds to make a good impression. Professionals and companies should not waste any space with info that is not important. They should make sure to include:

The website where interested individuals can learn more about them

Listing real estate agent’s full name and contact number

Agency or the agent’s logo

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That’s it; just three crucial pieces of information are all professionals need. Agency or agents always need to remember that they are here to sell houses, so they need to save their credentials and headshots for their website instead.

What makes an excellent sign design?

Companies or professionals could spend a lot of hours looking at signage templates. It can be a very tough task at first. What color should go well with what color? No caps or all caps? Twelve inches by eighteen inches or eighteen inches by twenty-four inches? There are tons of options to choose from, and organizations want to make sure they are spending their hard-earned money on signage to attract potential clients’ attention. Understanding some important design principles is a big help:

Choose a font and font color that stands out on the chosen background-color

The fewer colors you use, the better (and of course a lot cheaper)

Make phone numbers the most significant and most noticeable element

Choose easy-to-read fonts

In the end, clients are going to be pretty busy looking at the property agents and agencies are trying to sell, not the yard signs with stakes, its background, color, or font. Companies need to make sure that it is legible – that is what matters the most.

Where should agents or agencies place their real estate yard signage?

Once they have their signs printed, it is time for companies to find the perfect spot for it. It seems like a common task, but sometimes companies may not be able to tell if their sign is hidden from a particular angle. They should make sure to walk or drive by the property to ensure their signs are appropriately placed, to be as easy to read as possible.

If the house people are selling is in an area that does not receive much vehicle or foot traffic, sellers need to print out a couple of different signs and place them at nearby intersections and streets. Signage should include contact numbers and the address of the property, just in case individuals drive by and want a site visit later. Some property owner associations have rules and regulations when it comes to signing replacements, so they need to make sure to talk to them first.

Easy sign improvement that can attract leads

The most important information sellers should put on signage is their contact numbers. It is how purchasers will get in touch with them. But what if they are in a meeting when buyers reach out? According to research from real estate brokerages in the United States, only 10% of potential clients respond to the five-minute window; it will drop down 400% after five minutes.

How long does it take for agents to respond to their leads? What if we tell you that you can do it in a couple of seconds without putting in a lot of work? Yes, agencies only need keywords. It is a word that individuals can text to the number to get back messages. Agents might also be interested in reading how they can use texts for open house sign-in sheets.