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Who Else Wants To Enjoy L-SHAPED COMPUTER STUDY DESK Space Saver and Provider

Computer Study desk are mandatory not only in our offices but also in our homes. There are many varieties and types of desks but an L-Shaped corner desk has its own importance. It maximizes the use of free space in the room as it perfectly fits in corner of the room and it also increases the working space with your ease. Moreover, if you are sharing the space in the office or you need some extra space, L- a shaped Computer Desk will be the best space delimiter. There will be sufficient space for your other room’s furniture and décor. In offices, you often lack storage options and you need as much space as possible for your working convenience, this L-Shaped Computer Study Desk will work best in this case. You might be a double screen or triple screen person but still, our Computer Desk will give you sufficient space for your notes and other writing and working accessories.

Comfort and Convenience

If you are traditionally using your mouse while working or even if you are not using it L-Shaped Computer Study Table gives the elbow rest for you. Sometimes you necessarily need a mouse while working on graphics and designing and you need someplace to put your elbow for your convenience. This may also help you while writing long articles by your hand. No matter if you are left-handed or right-handed L-Shaped Computer Study Desk will suit you.


In conventional desks, you need to stretch your body to pick up far-placed things, or sometimes you have to walk around the table. In L-Shaped Computer Study Desk everything is within your arm’s reach. This product is perfect for your printer as this table allows the printer to be placed close to your laptop and PC and also away from your way when you don’t need it.

Clean and Versatile Working Environment

They say clear table, clear mind. L-Shaped Computer Study Desk provides endless solutions for cords management or clips to keep extra cords away from your site and even avoiding them from being tangled. This unique shape of the Computer Desk also allows two people to work at the same desk without interfering with others’ space. Hence both can work comfortably.  These tables are also perfect for reception services. It not only gives a fantastic look to your workplace entrance but also ample space for the working of a receptionist. You can also order Corner Computer Study Desk with a filing cabinet. It will provide you with three drawers for your private or regular routine work items so that your table will look more Clutter-free.

Why Buy From Us?

TreasureBox offers many options for the L-Shaped Computer Study Desk. All of our items are durable and perfectly made with outstanding finishing. These are quite economical and almost anyone can afford them for their ease. Satisfied customers are our best and most successful marketing policy.


|For Table

Length of One Side of Elbow                       = 140 cm

Length of Second Side of Elbow                = 180 cm

Width of Both Sides                                        = 60 cm (58 cm at ground)

|Filling Cabinet

Volumetric Dimensions                                 = 40 cm × 45 cm × 63 cm

Height of First Drawer                                    = 12 cm

Height of Second and Third Drawer         = 20 cm (each)