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Top Four Common European White Oak Flooring Installation Mistakes

Seasoned installers have done the job for several years and have known the ups and downs of the European white oak flooring installation. Through these frequent interactions, they can call out several common mistakes that occur during the installation process. Doing a quality installation of your floor can be a hard task to do even for seasoned european white oak flooring Denver, CO-based installers. Every material presents its own set of problems along the way. In fact, one of the common issues is the result of mishandling the wood flooring. However, it could get worse if the same mistakes are not approached with great keenness. This is why, in this article, we will highlight five of the most common installation mistakes to avoid.

Starting Wood Flooring in the Wrong Area

This is a common mistake as many installers start to put the wood floor in the wrong places. Sometimes near the door jamb or at the floor registration. If you always start at an area that is easy, then remember your finishing will be hard. It will be difficult to flexibly move about the floor during the process. Always begin from the very visible places and open locations where you will be calling the shots. The results will be a lot more improved.

Failing to Glue 

After completing the flooring, the outermost row of floor parts of the wall needs to be secured to ensure that the whole floors remain well fitted. Most people forget to glue. However, at least glue the rows or anything that you may not be able to staple or nail. Usually, if not glued, the floor jumps and releases itself from the temporary grips. These movements could break the rows or create some fitting problems.

Use a Specific Pattern 

Patterned wood floors created are somehow a challenge for most installers. In addition to installing the European white oak wood floor in your home, the patterns have to look properly aligned in the rooms. Therefore, start with trimming a roll-on pattern. Every pattern on the floors has rows that run in both ways and you can identify them. Then you can use a tool like a screwdriver to fit the pile. This trimming helps achieve an admirable floor.

Do not Cut Near the Door Jamb

As you create a transition between the rooms, your doors present a challenge when doing wood flooring installation. The floorboards must be cut in order to fit well through the door passage. However, most installers do not undercut the door jambs. Rather than starting to trim the end of these door jambs, then case it, instead, they proceed to cut around it. As a result, it leaves some massive gaps which need covering.

All the same, despite the seasoned installers being experienced in the installation of White Oak Wood Flooring, the majority still make mistakes. However, now that you have gone through them, you should be careful not to have these in your wood flooring. It would not be prudent to invest in a floor only to be damaged by a silly and avoidable mistake.