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How to prepare your house for removal

Preparing your old house for removal could be a long and stressful process. There are many important areas you should consider before leaving the old place and the list of ‘to dos’ can be amazingly long. These specific areas vary depending on country, region, property and family needs, but certain tasks must be definitely ticked off by anyone before the moving day. Here are some things you should think about.

Find a reputable moving service

Prices should not be the most important factor. You should find a reputable moving service – one that ensures highest possible standards, without delays and poorly maintained vans without licenses. You can read some reviews to make sure the company is holding the highest possible standards. Avoid small firms hiring in casual labour to prevent your belongings from being poorly treated while packing and moving. Book the service in advance, because in thepeak moving season these companies are usually too busy.

Throw away unwanted items

Make sure your old house is cleaned top to bottom. Empty all drawers, closets and cabinets and throw away everything you are not planning to move to the new house. If there are things you want to sell or donate – separate them into another boxes. Don’t make the boxes too heavy – this would make the removal process harder. Getting rid of unwanted items could also reduce the price you need to pay.

Label your boxes

Type relevant information on the boxes you have just packed. By doing this you could save precious time in the new home, as the removal company doesn’t really care much about leaving items in the most appropriate places.

Terminate utility contracts

Contact all companies you have signed contracts with to arrange service cut-offs. You should arrange the terminations in advance, but set the end date for the day after you are relocating. Terminate phone, internet, electricity and gas contracts. Return items you’ve borrowed such as books from the library, DVDs, etc.

Inform the authorities about the new address

While leaving the old house and moving to a new one you must inform the authorities about the new address. Report to the Government all details about your relocation, including the new residential address and other relevant information if required.

Make sure your furniture fits into the new home

This is the toughest task. First, create a floor plan by measuring your new home to know what old furniture would fit. Having known this in advance will save you a lot of efforts and stress when some pieces are too large to fit or their shape doesn’t correspond with the overall vision of the new home. You can partially disassemble bulky pieces for easy transportation. If you know in advance what furniture would fit the house, you could save both money and time during the relocation. At the same time, you could create a plan of what furniture you would need to purchase after the relocation.