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The World’s Best Luxury Safes

In the world of safes and securing valuable assets in luxury homes, hotels, businesses, there are two types of companies. The companies which make the boring and oftentimes scary-looking safes, and the companies which offer amenities through color and technical features which caress the valuables inside as opposed to putting them in storage purgatory. The latter of the two will be the focus of this article, as there are some very interesting and extremely advanced safes which aren’t advertised on television.

Nowadays owners of luxury goods can keep their timepieces, precious metals, vehicle keys, important documents, and more in stylish safes which reflect the character of the environment and the owner. Often manufactured in Germany, the best safes in the world are now painted to match the room or owner’s favorite color with a gold accent for good taste. Others are fashionably lined with wood trim and laden with ostrich leather to make the safe feel less like a steel cage and more like a resort for the owner’s items. The more technologically inclined safes also even include amenities like automatic watch-winding holders, home security system integration for smartphone alerts, and perhaps the best part of all: insurance policies of up to ten million dollars.

The luxury-caliber safes are of course bomb-proof and can include bottom-fairing bolts as an added layer of protection. They range in size from a small desk cube to an entire safe room with oxygen supply, gas detection, built-in fire extinguisher, video cameras, intruder alarm, satellite phone communication links, an emergency power system for lighting, and advanced tactical features as well. Some of these alarms can be silent alarms, the power system is built from batteries so as to not require outside power, and the power locks can be found on all four sides of the safe in order to maximize theft deterrence possibilities.

They typically hinge on one side for ease of access and are easily opened by a multi-digit code with a high count, which allows for millions of possible combinations. Optical iris-scanning and fingerprint options are typically the types of bonus feature which many of the more security-driven customers tend to add to their safes. As a mixture of solid and light materials, luxury safes combine only the very best of ingredients necessary to achieve maximum security of its assets. One of the premier luxury safe providers out of Germany has teamed up with luxury automotive group Bentley to create two bespoke safes which are made of Bentley materials. For any Bentley owner, there’s no feeling quite like being able to store their goods at the home Bentley while also going out into the world driving one. The construction is an 18-week process which includes three wood panels, a Bentley logo on the safe handle, and a choice of any ten leather hides from the vehicle manufacturer. They are lighter in weight than most safes, yet still, provide the level of luxury which safe consumers require. So clearly, there are many choices in luxury safes from which to choose. Yet when it comes down to the brass tax, only a select few providers offer amenities above and beyond the pack of luxury safe makers.