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What You Should Know When Working with A Custom Cabinetmaker

Whether you’ve decided to install new kitchen cabinets or you are finally putting in that wine cellar you’ve always wanted, going with custom cabinets Richmond VA offers a wide range of advantages over the more common pre-built alternatives. A custom cabinet is unique, distinctive and gives your home a look and feel that others will marvel at and even envy.

So, when you’re planning on putting in custom cabinets, you must first choose the right custom cabinetmaker and, no matter who you hire, there are some things you need to know before you enter into this working relationship with that individual or company.

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Take Your Time

This is particularly true during the design stage of the building process. The initial planning phase is critical to getting what you want because this is when you make all of the major decisions about the project. You will choose how the cabinets function, the materials you want, any stains or finishes that need to be applied, and finally where you plan to install the cabinets when they are ready.

Nothing about these decisions should be rushed and all decisions should be final once made. Changing your mind or implementing any adjustments to anything will only make the project cost more and delay its completion. So be sure about what you have in mind and ask all the questions you might have to help you receive the cabinets you truly want.

Get Creative

You have a vision for how this cabinet is supposed to look. Let your cabinetmaker see your vision by explaining the colors, styles, and finishes of similar items that you really like. If there is a color you noticed on a cabinet in a friend’s home or you want your cabinet to resemble an item from your childhood, let your cabinetmaker in on these inspirations. Chances are he or she will be able to deliver exactly what you have in mind.

This is why the design stage is so crucial for creating your custom cabinets. Unless you explain what you want, you’re going to have a hard time getting it. Be as creative as you can be with achieving the custom cabinets that are right for you.

Visual AidsThese are a great way to help your cabinetmaker deliver the cabinets you want. Magazine clippings, website images, swatch samples, even videos can make your vision become a whole lot clearer. Don’t rely on your cabinetmaker to automatically understand what you have in mind, the more you can show it through example, the better off your final product will be.

Be Patient

Once the cabinet maker has everything ready and you’ve signed off on all approval samples, let them do their work. There is nothing pre-fab here, every inch of your custom cabinets is being made from scratch. Good work takes time. So, sit back and relax and wait for your cabinets to be completed in the time necessary to do the job properly. Remember, you don’t want to rush things, you will only end up disappointed with the final product.