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5 unusual garden ideas for your small city garden

If you have a small city garden, you may feel like pulling your hair out when it comes to designing a space that is functional and looks amazing too. After all, smaller spaces are difficult to work with. However, this does not mean that your garden should be left neglected. Instead, you need to simply look for different and unique ways to optimise your city garden. With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at five suggestions to help you out.

Revive an underused space

The first place to begin is by making the most of any spaces in your garden that you are not using at the moment. Even the smallest of spaces can be turned into something decorative. You can enhance your outdoor area with a narrow, rustic style bench or table to create a central focal point, or you can use stepped concrete slabs. This is great for them narrow stretches of floor space that tend to simply be forgotten about, such as a small pathway from your garden to your home.

Keep the look low-maintenance and chic with flowering plants in yellow and orange, as well as shingle, clipped topiary. You can use stone plants and aluminum planters to add elegance, as well as carefully chosen pieces, for instance, unusual bird sculptures and oversized lanterns.

Introduce low walls that will double as seating

In your small city garden, you may only have room for a chair or two. This may be fine for your usual day-to-day life, but what if you want to have some of your friends over and play host? All is not lost! One option is to add raised beds that are surrounded by walls. This will make it easier for you to look after your plants, as well as creating some more places for people to perch as well. Therefore, you get two benefits for the price of one so to speak!

You can make this area extra plush and beautiful by adding some comforts for extra comfort. There are lots of great cushion designs on the market today, so you can have fun playing around with different styles of cushions and mixing and matching. It is always a good idea to opt for cushions that match the colour of your plants so that you can create the perfect finished look.

Paint your backdrop

Another suggestion that we have when it comes to small city gardens is to paint your backdrop. A cleverly painted backdrop will draw the eye up, and this creates the illusion of extra space and height.

There are many different options that are available to you when it comes to this. You could opt for a dark colour, as this will help to make more of a bold statement. Plus, these sorts of colours are going to compliment green foliage to perfection. Alternatively, you can jazz up any expanse of garden fencing with a simple two-tone block colour treatment. Some people decide to take it one step further and have beautiful wall murals created.

Invest in rattan cube furniture

If you are looking to make the most of your small city garden, rattan furniture has a modern feel to it. A cube furniture set is a good choice because the chairs will fit snuggly under the table, saving you a lot of space. When buying rattan furniture, a lot of people tend to be confused. This is because they see some tables labelled as ‘synthetic’ whilst others are deemed to be ‘real’ rattan. Of course, most people know the difference between the two in terms of meaning. Real rattan is completely natural, whereas synthetic rattan is artificial. But that does not really give us any further information regarding the real dissimilarity between the two. The main difference between the two types of materials is obviously the way in which they are produced. There are lots of different types of natural rattan, including the likes of the banana leaf and the water hyacinth. Nevertheless, no matter what type of natural rattan you are looking for, these can only be found in certain parts of Indonesia. This obviously makes real rattan a lot more precious yet also more expensive too because it is harder to obtain. On the other hand, synthetic rattan is made by machine and thus the material can be created anywhere, making it a lot more economical as well.

What is the difference in the appearance of both types of rattan tables? Quite truthfully, the answer to this question is not a lot. After all, synthetic rattan has been developed so that it can completely mimic the style of real rattan. And it does this tremendously well. Only those with extensive knowledge regarding the material would be able to tell the difference if they got up close. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that even professionals and trained experts would be able to tell from far away.

Plant vertically

Last but not least, when we are planting, we usually plant horizontally, right? We don’t plant up the walls, but why not? This is a great way to make the most of the space that you have available to you. All you need to do is add some horizontal fence panels to the side of your shed, and this can be turned into a decorative wall.

This is also something that can work on the side of your balcony, or on a stretch of a wall or bare fence. You can use any of these spaces to transform an outdoor space into a vertical garden for smaller baskets and plant pots.

So there you have it: some unusual and exciting garden ideas for your small city garden. If you are looking for a way to make the most of your small garden space, the suggestions that have been provided will certainly look beautiful in any city garden. The only thing that is left to do now is get started on your garden space!