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Basic Tips on Tree Lopping and Trimming

Tree lopping should only be considered as a last resort for trees that are unappealing, unhealthy or dangerous to the surroundings. But tree lopping by a professional service has many advantages and here are some of the top reasons. The tips on how to prune a tree are also provided.

Tree lopping

Tree lopping is basically a process of pruning a tree to remove unwanted, sick or dead branches and leaves. When pruning a tree, however, it is essential to pay attention to any growing branches that are crossing, growing inward and will eventually break off, creating potential turbulence and making them drop down in the future.

In comparison to tree lopping, pruning actually tends to cover less major work, like shearing off small branches and watering sprouts. Besides this, tree topping, tree pruning or cutting tree tops is rarely necessary as the tree will self-absorb these dead and dying branches. But pruning the tree may increase overall growth in the long run, so in case of a large tree growth, this is to be avoided.

This process is generally performed at the end of the summer season or in spring when trees start to grow out of their buds. This is because the demand for trees is quite high at this time.

As a matter of fact, in areas where the demand for trees is higher than the supply of trees, tree lopping or cutting is a common method used as tree maintenance to bring down the tree’s weight and allow for free passage of air in and out of the tree.

However, there are several benefits to tree lopping or cutting. During pruning, you will also notice that some of the tree’s branches or parts of the trees will no longer branch. This is what we call ‘winding down’. When the branches of trees no longer branch out, it is time to prune the tree.

When you do tree lopping or cutting, there are two types of techniques you can use. The first is a manual pruning. In manual tree lopping or trimming, the cutters are used to cut the branches/stems by hand.

The other technique is an automatic pruner, wherein a chain is attached to the pruner that loops down the branches/stems automatically, thus cutting or trimming the tree in one stroke. Both tree lopping and trimming are done manually today, but nowadays there are automatic tree trimming machines that do the job with ease. This also saves time and effort as well.

Now that you know the basics on tree lopping or trimming, the next step would be for you to know some basic tips that can help you in your job. You can check your local yellow pages or do online research to find the best arborist in your area. Some of the basic tips that arborists give to their clients are about the proper tools and equipment, using sharp scissors and getting the job done right.

Aside from that, you should also be observant when it comes to tree lopping and trimming. Do not do it if you do not see a need for it, because doing it will only waste time and money and could also be dangerous.