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3 Ways To Improve the Appearance of Your Chain-link Fence

Two common types of fencing are wood and chain-link. Although wood fences are more esthetic and versatile in style, they do carry a higher price tag and require more maintenance than their chain-link counterparts. That’s why many people opt for chain-link. If you’re one of them, but concerned about the look of chain-link fencing, here are three ways to improve its appearance.

Ensure Proper Installation

Though durable, if not installed properly, a chain-link fence can weaken and sag over time. When considering your fencing needs, professional fencing contractors Columbus Ohio can help. Fencing contractors can advise you on selecting the proper materials to use for the mesh, framework, fittings, and coating and recommend the correct foundation and spacing for posts.

Consider Vinyl Coating

Chain-link fences are galvanized to protect them from rusting. Galvanization keeps maintenance down and increases the life of fencing but yields a boring zinc finish. You can improve the color of your chain-link fence by opting for a vinyl-coated mesh. Black, brown, and green are the three most common colors used in vinyl-coated chain-link fencing. Though more expensive, vinyl coating adds a touch of class and an extra protection that will extend the life of your fence.

Include Natural Elements

Simple landscaping is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your chain-link fence. Boulders, flower beds, shrubs, climbers, and trees can be placed along the fence’s perimeter in a number of ways. Consider a mix of evergreens and deciduous plants for variety. Grow hedges to provide privacy and added security. Plant climbers to create a living fence. By adding and combining natural elements, you can hide a boring chain-link fence behind an oasis of brilliant colors and sweet smells.

Chain-link fencing is affordable, low maintenance, durable, and provides good security when compared to other types of fencing. It’s a good choice for most people and by following these suggestions, can be an attractive addition to your property.