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4 Weekend Projects to Upgrade Your Garage

When updating your home, the garage space often gets neglected. However, making your garage as beautiful and organized as the rest of your home doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. There are many small projects you can do that will get this space into its best shape. Here are four jobs you can get done in a weekend.

  1. Make Organizing Easier

Keeping your garage tidy will be much easier with a few simple upgrades to your organization system. Start with labeling any totes or boxes that you use with specific contents. You will also want to make sure you have sufficient shelving for everything you want to store. Add some heavy duty casters to your shelves to make them mobile. This will allow you to store them up against one another and spread them out easily when you need to find something.

  1. Paint the Floor

Painting your garage floor can quickly refresh the look of the entire space. This will also provide additional protection against spills, mold and mildew. Automotive fluids will quickly soak into concrete and damage the floor. With a coat of durable paint, you will have time to clean them up before they ruin your floor. The paint will also provide a smoother surface to make sweeping and cleaning much easier. For a perfectly smooth transformation, you can even fill in cracks and holes before you paint.

  1. Makeover the Garage Door

Giving your garage door a whole new look is easy to do. Start with a fresh coat of paint for a clean surface. Then you can add some decorative hardware to create a more luxurious appearance. You won’t even have to invest in expensive new hardware. You can easily get this look with magnetic hardware that is made to look like high-end carriage door straps, or get creative and make your own. If your garage door has windows, add some new trim around them to further upgrade your door’s curb appeal.

  1. Add Additional Lighting

Adding in some additional lights will not only highlight your other updates, but will make it easier to work in the space. Your upgrade can be as simple as switching the existing bulbs to brighter LEDs, or you can add some entirely new fixtures. Make sure that you consider what areas you work in most so that you can ensure you’ll have sufficient lighting to do your projects.

Getting your garage into tip-top shape doesn’t have to be a huge project. With these simple updates, you can give the space a whole new look.


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