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A Driveway Can be Part of a Great Outdoor Landscape

The driveway is already one of the most noticeable parts of anyone’s front lawn. People may decide to leave the areas that surround the driveway blank. However, the people who do decide to landscape their driveways will give themselves a lot of new options regarding the design of their front lawns.

Driveway Length

Some people have particularly long driveways. They’ll have the chance to add lots of interesting features when they landscape driveways like this. Landscaping a driveway is already similar to the process of landscaping almost any path. When a driveway is long and curved, it will seem even more like a particularly wide back or front yard path.

However, it’s still possible to landscape shorter driveways in creative ways. A shorter driveway may not be as curved as a long driveway. People may decide to do some simple but effective landscaping, such as adding gravel to both sides of the driveway or using floral borders instead.

It’s common for people to use fences when they landscape their driveways. They may also use walls and similar borders. People can use these sorts of features when the driveway is relatively long. However, in practice, this means that the fence and the walls will be fairly long. Those features will become more pronounced in the process.

If the driveway is shorter, people can more easily add fences without substantially changing huge portions of their front lawns. The driveway itself will seem more defined. However, the rest of the yard will still seem largely unchanged.

People can certainly build on the designs that are created during driveway landscaping, no matter how long the driveway is. However, they might have other landscaping ideas for the rest of their front lawns.

Larger Features

Most people will add at least a few trees to their outdoor landscapes. When they’re landscaping their driveways, they should consider some practical aspects of using decorative trees.

Having a tree located directly above a parked car might cause some issues. People might have problems with pollen in those situations. They also might find themselves cleaning leaf debris off of their vehicles. Now and then, a tree branch might fall on the car.

The trees probably won’t damage any of the parked cars. However, they can still make it harder for people to keep their vehicles clean. The car’s paint might wear down more quickly if people are forced to clean off the vehicle this frequently.

People can still add trees to the areas near their driveways. If they’re just driving past these trees, there shouldn’t be any problems. Many people won’t need to use every possible parking space in their driveways every day. They can just avoid adding a line of trees on both sides of the driveway.

It’s often best to add bigger features sparingly when landscaping a driveway. The area can seem very crowded otherwise. People may also have to be equally elaborate with the rest of the front yard’s landscape, or the area can seem unbalanced.

Simple Designs

The landscapes surrounding driveways can be detailed but not overly ornate. People can add flowers, shrubs, mulch, and a few taller features. A single lamppost or birdbath fountain can instantly make a landscape look less flat, even if most of the landscape’s elements are located closer to the ground.

Maintaining these landscapes can be relatively easy since they’re next to a driveway. The driveway already serves as a boundary that separates one part of a landscape from another. People will want the driveway to seem clean and clear. They’ll care for the plants that are next to the driveway to make that happen.


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