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Building Your Kids a Playhouse

Summertime’s long, sunny days give the perfect opportunity to complete the projects you’ve been putting off. You’ve been promising your kids a playhouse for a long time now. If too many summers have gone by without you coming through for them, make this the summer that they finally get the playhouse of their dreams.

Buy the Materials

Load up the truck and get all the boards, nails and plywood that you can fit! You might need to rent specialty equipment if you don’t have a garage full of tools. Most big-box hardware stores provide machinery and hardware rental and even machinery movers Los Angeles. Don’t forget about details like concrete for the posts in the ground to avoid rot and termites.

Find a Design

Remember that this will be something that the kids spend a lot of time in, so it’s important that they have input too. Whether you design it yourself or combine sketches given to you by the little ones, it’s important to choose something that is age-appropriate and safe for them. There are templates online that you can download, complete with measurements and supply lists. If you prefer to DIY it, remember Grandpa’s rule: Measure twice, cut once.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve completed construction, make it into a home! Add finishing touches to make it feel more like a little house than a structure in your yard. Let the kids pick out a color of paint for the exterior (and set boundaries if you have concerns) and allow them to help you paint it. Install flower boxes outside the windows. Fit a real door with hinges. The kids will be tickled pink that they have a little place to play that is made in their size and that they helped to design.

Every kid needs a place to play, and a playhouse in the yard is the perfect place for them to do that. Make their childhood a little bit more magical by giving your kids something that you built with your own two hands.