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Determining Rubbish Type and How to Dispose

If you look around your house or at different rooms, you will see various types of rubbishes that need to be disposed. It is important for you to understand that trying to get rid of rubbish is not that simple. Disposing different types of rubbish need to be done the right way so that these do not pose any threats to others. You also need to make sure that the garbage that you dispose is not of any danger to anyone around you. This is why it is always recommended that you use a proper channel to get rid of garbage.

Handling Rubbish

It is important for you to remember that unless any rubbish is too large a size, it should always be put inside your house bin as soon possible. If there are items that are too big for the bin, you need to take them along to the nearby community rubbish tip as soon as possible. At the same time, there are some items within your household rubbish that require special treatment before they are placed inside your house bin. Some of the examples of such types of rubbish have been listed below.

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Food Scraps

There may be plenty of food scraps that you may have to deal with on a daily basis. These food scraps should be ideally wrapped tightly in paper and then put inside the house bin. If you follow this step, it will effectively prevent the stench from attracting animals and insects to the bin.

Disposable Nappies

If you have a baby at home, you will certainly have nappies that need to be disposed. It is important for you to remember that the feces from the used diapers should be scraped off and flushed down the toilet. Once this is done, the nappies should be wrapped tightly in a large piece of paper and placed inside the house bin.

Cartons, Tin Cans, Bottles, and Paper

Under normal conditions, these items can straight be disposed in the bin. However, if there is food or liquid drinks in any of them, then they need to be wrapped properly first. On the other hand, if there is any type of poison inside them, such as household cleaners, pesticides, and medicines, these should be safely disposed of and then the container needs to be cleaned before you get rid of it in the bin. Special care should be taken when you try to get rid of pesticides and their containers. There are some special rules about such products that you need to follow while disposing them.

Large Household Items

There are some types of garbage that are too big in size and are often found in your house. These can definitely not fit inside your regular household bin. Some of the best examples of such types of garbage include car parts and bodies, large cartons, sheets of irons, branches of trees, and worn out refrigerators and washing machines. It is also important to make sure that these are not allowed to lie around the yard or house as these can easily become health hazards. It is best to carry them to the nearest community rubbish tip as soon as possible.