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How to Change a Car Tire

Knowing how to change a car tire in an emergency is a very important life skill to have. Most flat tires usually come on very little or no notice, and they can even occur in the most unlikely of times. In these instances, knowing how to change a car tire in an emergency can save your life. You’ll likely need a compressed air system Jacksonville FL if you want to do the job yourself at home!

Getting Started

Before you do anything, you should always unplug the electrical system and get rid of any cords or wires that are connected to the vehicle. Then take your jack and put it on the ground next to the car. Unscrew the lug nuts on the back of the new tire, and pull the wheel back slowly to loosen the lug nuts. Then just unscrew them and pull the wheel back out of the socket and set it aside.

Unscrew Lug Nuts

Next, you need to identify the location of the lug nuts. You can do this with a device called a ratchet wrench. After you’ve got the nuts loosened, take the jack and put it near the car so that you can remove the wheel. Remove the spare tire slowly until you’re able to maneuver it easily.

Put on the Spare

Once you have the spare in place, take your lug wrench and loosen the lug nut on the rear of the new tire. You don’t want to damage the spare by doing this. If you don’t loosen it enough, it could strip the wheel. Once you have loosened all the nuts on the rear, you can remove the wheel safely. Use the jacks that you removed the spare from to support the new tire while you’re putting it in.

Final Steps

The final step is to be certain that the vehicle is responding as it should. If you see any distortion on the tire, you should probably go ahead and change it because you are now dealing with flat tires that could potentially ruin all the work you just did. Don’t try to save yourself money by driving another vehicle.

This process may not be as easy as some people would think, but it’s not rocket science either. Now that you know how to change your own car tire, you can save yourself some time and money and stay clear of other expensive repairs.