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Learn how dishwashers work

A dishwasher is an appliance used in the kitchen to clean soiled utensils. Unlike in manual dishwashing where we use hands to scrub and rinse utensils, a dishwasher uses the hot water spraying method to clean the utensils. Buy dishwashers online and experience the ease and comfort of hands free dishwashing.

How a dishwasher works

A dishwasher performs the following functions on its own to clean the utensils.

  • Adds water.
  • Heats the water to the required temperature set by us.
  • Opens the detergent dispenser automatically.
  • Sprays water on the dirty dishes to clean them thoroughly.
  • Drains the dirty water.
  • Sprays water again.
  • Drains the clean water.
  • Dries the utensils by heating the appliance. ( this is optional)

A dishwasher also has a timer that decides the length of the wash cycle. The dishwashing mechanism also incorporates sensors that detect the level of water, the temperature in the appliance to make sure the appliance does not overheat or damage the utensils. Another sensor can also tell when the water runs clean after a rinse. These are a few more features of a good dishwasher.

Inside a dishwasher

Now that we know the basic functions and features of a dishwasher. Let us have a look at what exactly happens inside a dishwasher. A dishwasher fills water at the bottom of itself to a certain level. This water then heats up basically to 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is considered to be a safe temperature to clean the dishes without damaging them. Then the jet spray technology inside the appliance sprays water with force on the utensils. This helps clean the soiled utensils thoroughly. Once this cleaning is done, the dirty water is drained. Another round of rinsing takes place to make sure it is a job well done. The water is drained automatically again. The step that follows this is kind of optional. It is drying the utensils. The dishwasher heats the air inside it to do this. A lot of people skip this. It saves more energy.

The mechanism and functioning of a dishwasher is not complex. Owing to this simplicity of design and functionality, dishwashers have become an inevitable part of every kitchen. The invention of dishwashers dates back to many centuries ago. The design and mechanism has evolved for better over the years. However, the basic job of a dishwasher to clean the utensils has not changed.

In a society, where people are limited on time. There are things that require our undivided attention. There is work, there is family and so many other moreĀ  important things. Little chores like dishwashing can really steal this precious time away. It better be left to the appliances that have been created to make our life easier.