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Resource for Pest Control Adelaide

There are several types of homes around you. Some live in free-standing homes, some live in single-family homes, some live in condominiums and some live in apartments. However, for pests, all the houses are the same. Pest infestations may happen in any type of home and without much prior notice. If you are an active homeowner who keeps an eye out for pests, then it can easily be avoided. However, if you normally like to ignore different types of pests roaming around your property, then things can get really serious for you.

Do’s And Don’ts for Pest Control

Most of you believe that using pest control products that are available in the market will be enough to get rid of them once and for all. However, it is important for you to understand that all of these products may not be good enough to fight against pests properly. Thus, it is sometimes better to hire professionals, like Murray Pest Control, to get rid of pests from your property. At the same time, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow when it comes to pest infestations.

  • Carry Out Some Preventive Measures First: As the proverb goes “prevention is better than cure”, you need to follow the same when it comes to pest infestation. There are certain preventive measures that you need to follow in order to avoid pest infestation in the first place. You should remove all sources of food, shelter and water from your property. You should ensure that all types of foods are stored in sealed glass or plastic containers. It will also be a good thing to fix any leaky plumbing at home so that water does not collect anywhere. Make it a habit to close off any place where pests can easily enter and hide.
  • Use Pesticides Correctly And Safely: Even before you start using pesticides to get rid of pests from within your property, it is important for you to understand that these are harsh chemicals and basically poisons. Thus, it is important that you use them correctly and safely. Always make sure that children and pets are far away from all those areas where you intend to apply the pesticides. As a first line of chemical defense against rodents and insects you can surely use baits these can easily be used with a low risk of exposure to pesticides. Those pesticides that are not contained in traps or baits should normally be applied in target locations only. These are not meant to be sprayed.
  • Dispose Leftover Pesticides Carefully: It may so happen that a certain amount of pesticide may still be left over after use. It is wise to get rid of all leftover pesticides and pesticide containers the right way so that these do not pose a threat to pets or little children. There are many communities that have hazardous waste collections of their own. They normally accept unwanted pesticides. If they don’t, then you may have to call your waste disposal authority for more information.