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Top tips for having super clean floors

Everyone likes a clean home and a sparkling floor but the mere idea of cleaning the floors make you feel bad but trust me, cleaning doesn’t have to be a torturous job at all. No matter you have carpets on the floor or you have other medium used for flooring, you do need to clean the floors from time to time to maintain them. There is a lot that you can do when it comes to cleaning the floors and following only a few tips can bring a big change in the way a floor looks. So here we are to tell you about the top tips for it and learn how to get the best out of them.

  • When you are cleaning the carpets, first of all pick up all the large objects from it and then start using the hoover. Take the dirt out and make sure you have not left any single spot on the carpet. Now sprinkle some good amount of fragrance on the carpet so that you can feel a freshness in them.
  • When you are using the mop on the floor, try to follow a motion of the mop in such a way that it goes in straight pat. So the tiles or the wooden floor would sparkle more and there would be more shine in it as well. You can click here to check for more flooring options in the website.
  • Make use of good quality products for cleaning the floor and read the instructions carefully before putting it on the floor. It is some new product, first try a small portion of it on to some corner of the floor and then, if it passes the test, put it on the entire floor.
  • If there is some nails or pins fallen on to the floor, instead of rubbing them with mop or broom, use the magnet to pick them up and them clean the floor. These things add scratches to your new and shiny floor.
  • Use a simple tip to grab more dust on the dustpan which is to put it under water and get it soaked. The dirt when falls on the water, would become hard and it won’t rise up in the air.
  • Make your vacuum feel fresh as well and for that add the crystals in it for fragrance and freshness.