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What kind of intercoms-door-entry you need

Doorbells and other intercoms are essential to prevent the arrival of guests and other passing people. Audio or video, wired or wireless, they can adapt to your needs and your tastes whether in construction or renovation. From simple doorbells to High-Tech videophones, it’s here!

Intercom or doorbell

The doorbell, an evolution of the bell placed at the front door, is the most basic of the presence signaling procedures. You push the button and dring! While it allows you to know that someone is waiting at the door, it does not allow you to speak or recognize the person. Her job: it rings!

The intercoms, adding sound, can be discussed. They can allow a door to be opened remotely if the latter is equipped with an electric strike. This comes in handy if your garden is large or when the weather is bad and you don’t want to go outside. The most advanced models of forbel, with a camera, called videophones, also allow you to see your interlocutor. It’s even more secure interms of Security Solutions!

Intercom and doorbell: wired or wireless

Wireless technologies are very practical because they allow you to install your equipment, doorbell or intercom, without pulling wires between the exterior entrance and the interior of your home. Some systems even allow you to take the doorbell chime, handset or intercom monitor with you. Practical when you do not want to equip all the outbuildings of the house with a chime!. The ranges mentioned by the manufacturers on their products are given in an outdoor environment, without hindering the waves.

How a wired doorbell works

A wired doorbell consists of a push button to be placed near the door connected to a chime placed inside your home. Choose a central location so that you can hear it wherever you are in the house.

The choice of the switch relates to aesthetic criteria and its resistance to degradation and bad weather. Chimes often have multiple ring tones and volume adjustment. They can be 220 V if the doorbell is indoors (building) or imperatively 12 V outdoors, to avoid any electrical accident.