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What To Expect When You Hire A Professional Lawn Service

Lawn care is so important if you want to maintain the upkeep of your property. Not only will it look good and be a conversation piece in the neighborhood, but it is also essential for having a healthy environment. A professional lawn service company guarantees good maintenance. This includes cutting the lawn, adding fertilizer, aeration, weed control, and irrigation; among other things. Let’s look into each of these.

Cutting the Lawn

The cutting of the lawn is a basic and very important technique to thicken the grass. Cut slowly and often and change the cutting direction so that the roots of the grass are not pressed in the same direction. The golden rule is to minimize the stem by half or 2/3. In the middle of summer, it is advisable to let the grass be a little long so that it can better withstand the drought.

Adding Fertilizer

Although it is essential, bucking can be a negative element since it removes many nutrients from the lawn. For this reason, from the beginning of spring, it is highly recommended to fertilize the grass every 4 weeks, as many specialist garden maintenance technicians do.

Irrigation System

This is an essential phase, so that the lawn remains green throughout the year. The frequency of watering of the lawn will depend on two factors: temperature and humidity. At present, new technologies allow you to water the lawn comfortably, and above all to do it to the millimeter and with the quantities that are only necessary. Installing an automatic irrigation system is the best decision you can make.

Weed Control

A large part of the weeds is also extracted with mechanical means and technology. If they still do not disappear, you can have a team of technicians use herbicides and insecticides to do so.

Aeration and Scarification

Scarification is a technique that allows the correct extraction of dead grasses and other residues from the lawn. Removing this unnecessary layer of grass helps to free up more space for the lower parts of the grass to breathe and therefore, makes the stems grow healthy and strong.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t have time to do all of this yourself or you don’t know how to do it, then you should consider hiring a professional who follows these steps rigorously. Choose a company that has already been carrying out garden conservation and lawn maintenance for many years. Contact a Charlotte lawn service to do your bidding so that your yard can look pristine and well kept.