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Will A Brand New Roof Boost Your Home’s Value?

Roofers in Omaha will tell you that a new roof is one of the most effective methods for boosting your home’s value. There are some obvious reasons as to why this is the case, but some homeowners may still be on the fence about mounting this type of home improvement project because of the cost.

While it’s true that installing a new roof can be expensive, it’s also the single most important component of the property. After all, without a roof over your head, your home is not a suitable place of shelter for you and your family. So when it comes to roofing tips, perhaps the most important to remember is that your roof should be in optimal working condition at all times.

If yours is not, it could mean you need just a few repairs to address the various problems that might arise. But for those homes that are especially old, the roof could be well beyond repair and replacement is the only logical solution. Here are some of the ways that new roof can boost your home’s value, possibly as much as five figures:

Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Looks matter when it matters how you look and when you’re planning on selling your home, the exterior appearance is the first thing anyone sees. You may have the most gorgeous interior of any home in the neighborhood, but if your roof looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 30’s, the 1830’s, you may be met with a few worried grimaces.

They’re worried about how much more they will need to spend once they buy the place and move in. If the roof is in rough shape, you may not have a second chance to make that all-important first impression that fuels a desire for purchasing your home. No home buyer wants to step into a fixer-upper and those who do pay a lot less for a home. That means you’re losing out on money.

Greater Energy Efficiency

More potential home buyers want to know that they are living in a fully efficient home where energy consumption is concerned. Not only are they worried about the impacts of energy use on the environment, but they just simply don’t want to pay more than they have to on their utility bills.

Most of us turn to the windows in the home to find an increase in energy efficiency but the place you should also look is up to the roof. The summers are getting hotter, the winters colder, and you want to live in climate-controlled comfort throughout the most extreme parts of the seasons. But when you are forced to operate your HVAC system for extended periods of time, you’re not only facing higher electricity bills but also increased wear and tear on the system.

The roof might be to blame because if it is not in good repair, you can be sure that your costly cooled or heated air is seeping right out of the cracks and gaps that could exist up there right at this very moment.