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Custom Home Builder Best Practices

Many house builders would agree to the fact that the best homes are the ones which have a high-quality windows, insulation and HVAC systems. Every builder has used different names for these features. Some might call them green and sustainable features and some builder’s prefer it to be called High performance features. The custom homes have the most expensive technologies such as solar roof panels, geo-thermal heating features and other technically advanced features.

Best Practices Shared

The houses which are custom made are exceptionally constructed. The efficiency, cost, waste reduction and construction are monitored and are exceptionally good. They are prepared in such a way that they are cost efficient and marketable. So that homes can be sold. Not all people can afford exceptionally costly homes. So if you are planning to build and design a custom made house, you need to plan and communicate with the person who is building the house for you. Make sure the money you spend is worth it. Listed below are the best practices of many custom builders.

  • Talking About What You Want: Before you start building the house speak with the builder, architect, suppliers and contractors. Discuss the plan and discuss with them that you want an energy efficient home which has some extra features added to it. Ask them for any ideas which they have in mind and if they would like to try something new. It is very important for the architect, builder and trade contractor to discuss the plans before starting the construction.
  • Understand The Site Features: It is important to understand the site on the design which is prepared. Try going for a no-cost design so that you can understand what will be the impact. You can check if it is suitable if it is suitable for fixing solar panels or not. If it will receive suitable light during the day if the light is not on. If you want to add high quality glass frames to the small rooms where the temperature is generally towards the high end. It is advisable not to construct a house which is west facing. It is better to have a house which has a north facing view.
  • Construction Waste: Optimum value engineering (OVE) also known as advanced framing reduces the wastage of wood without affecting the structural integrity. You can change the cost by a few dollars and can get better insulation in the walls. Some home builders consider SIP (structural insulated panels) better than OVE as there is less thermal caulking and fire caulking.

Some experts have advised to follow the below rules if you are planning to build high performance houses:

  1. Design to be prepared by consulting all who are involved in the construction.
  2. Southern exposure on the rear with some exposure on the north is always the best.
  3. Always take advantage of the ventilation in the house so that it is easier to get the mechanical cooling done by proper cross ventilation.
  4. Avoid construction of ducts and opening in the attic.