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How to Design a Custom Wall in Your College Dorm 

Add flair and personality to your college dorm by customizing the design of the wall. It does not take an interior design expert to do this. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can give life to your walls and make it look stunning.

Display your Stuff

Personalized mugs, picture frames, and wooden plaques are some of the most popular personalized graduation gifts. Chances are, you received any of these items when you graduated from high school. Do not let them go to waste. Create a small shelf on the wall and use this space to show off the gifts you received or your personal collection. This is better than letting your stuff rot in a box.

Create a Gallery Wall

An eclectic gallery wall is another good idea to make your dorm lively. It is a great way to add patterns and colors to space. If you have a large plain wall in your dorm, maximize the use of the space by getting creative and building a gallery wall. You can use family photos and art on the gallery wall. You can even hang antique plates from your grandmother, jewelry pieces, or sports memorabilia.

Add a Mural

Wallpapers are generic. Take it to the next level by making your own wallpaper in the form of a mural you made yourself. This is a good idea for those who have the hands of an artist. Choose designs that evoke relaxation to make your dorm room a calming sanctuary and to help you concentrate better when you are studying.

Display Ceramic Tiles

Do not settle with ordinary ceramic tiles to spice up the wall in your dorm room. Visit and see their collection of ceramic tiles that can also double as wall décor. These tiles are printed with photos and quotes that will make your walls less boring.

Light It Up

One of the best ways to add a decorative touch to your custom wall is by lighting it up. Choose lights that provide both form and function. These lights should not generate too much heat. Otherwise, the room will be uncomfortable. Dimmable lights are also great to help set the mood in the room. You can even hang fairy lights if you want the room to look magical.

Hang Plants

Adding elements of nature in your dorm is one of the best ways to make it more relaxing. The plants will also help in your concentration. Choose plants that will require minimal maintenance, perfect for the busy lifestyle of students. These plants can even help to purify indoor air, getting rid of the pollutants that can be toxic for your health. If you don’t want to hang the plants, you can also display them on shelves.

Break out from the ordinary when designing walls in your dorm room! Follow our suggestions above to customize its look!