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Take advantage of kitchen Granite countertops

If you are thinking of changing your kitchen countertop, a simple research will tell you that there are no shortage of options. Among these, you must not forget to talk about granite. Recognized for its great elegance as well as for the originality of its patterns, granite definitely deserves your attention.

What to know about the granite kitchen counter

Where does granite originate?

Granite happens to be a natural stone collected of quartz, feldspar, and mica ensuing from the cooling of the magma of earth. Following its recovery in its raw form, the granite is cut with a diamond saw in order to correspond to the desired width, this one being often 1 inch and ¼ or ¾ inch.

Following this cut, an epoxy resin will be applied to fill the natural cavities of the stone. Polishing will flatten the surface of the granite and remove most of the resin to achieve the desired finish.

When the granite is cut according to the customer’s needs, a sealant is applied to the stone to make it impervious to stains and water. In order to optimize this protection, a second coat is applied to the granite following its installation.

The advantages of granite countertops

Besides the very wide variety of colors in which granite is available, it has the advantage of not requiring a large number of joints. In fact, granite is a stone that comes in the form of slabs whose length varies between 7 and 10 feet, making joints on its surface little necessary except in one or two places. Note that the joints are designed to be very invisible.

Secondly, it can be said that granite is heat resistant, which makes it particularly suitable for the needs of any apprentice cook. In this regard, let us also mention that granite is non-flammable. In addition, it is very resistant to scratches as well as corrosion. In order not to tempt the devil, however, take the precaution of using a cutting board on it. To conclude on the advantages of this type of Stone Countertops, let the Pro stone countertop website mention that it is possible to embed a sink on the worktop.