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Major Plumbing Issues You Didn’t Know Could Happen

Dealing with plumbing problems and getting repairs are an expected part of homeownership. While nobody likes to pay a plumber to come out and deal with a leaky pipe or dysfunctional toilet, you know that it’s bound to happen eventually. But there are a few major plumbing issues out there that many homeowners don’t even know about—and you certainly don’t want any of them to happen to you. However, it’s still beneficial to be aware of these potential problems so you can know how to handle them if they do arise.

Sub-Slab Repairs

Dealing with a leaky pipe in your walls is bad enough. But many homes with concrete slab foundations have some of their plumbing running beneath those slabs. And, unfortunately, those pipes are just as likely to leak as any other pipe in your home.

While cutting out a portion of your wall to repair a leaky pipe isn’t pleasant, it’s relatively simple. Cutting into a slab of concrete, however, is significantly less so. If you have a sub-slab leak, it’s vital that you work with leak detection specialists so they can find the exact location of the leak before cutting into your concrete. This minimizes the amount of demolition required to repair the problem.

Reroutes and Repipes

Repiping a home or rerouting an existing pipeline isn’t something that many homeowners have to deal with. The plumbing in your home is meant to last for as long as the house stands. But some older homes (especially those more than 50 years old) have outdated plumbing that just isn’t built to last as long. It’s prone to corrosion, and once it starts to break down, you’ll need to redo your home’s plumbing completely.

In other cases, if an underground pipe breaks in a spot that is tricky to reach or repair, it may be more sensible to reroute the pipe instead. Only a trained professional can help you determine the best option for your situation.

Water Main Repairs and Replacements

When you think about the pipes you’re responsible for maintaining, you probably think of all the small pipes in your home. But as a property owner, you’re also responsible for a portion of the water main connected to your property. This large pipe connects you to the city’s water system, and while it’s large and durable, leaks do happen. When they arise, they can leak thousands of gallons a day, so it’s essential to get them fixed quickly.

If you ever face any of these uncommon issues with your plumbing in Sacramento, CA, make sure you work with a plumber who’s experienced in handling these kinds of repairs.