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Different Choices of Fence Designs

The backyard is such an integral part of the majority of American homes. They might be put to use as playgrounds for the children, oases of rest for the adults or simply beautiful gardening spots. Any of these reasons and many others are why it is so beneficial to have it be a private area rather than open to everyone. Fortunately there are any number of positive fence designs available to make the backyard the perfect spot no matter what one is trying to achieve. Let’s take a look at five residential fencing designs and options one might consider for their backyard makeover. Privacy Fence Designs

A privacy fence easily creates a positive separation between other outdoor spaces and the backyard. Of course, depending where one lives there could be and often are height restrictions on the height of the fences allowed. The most common size desired is six feet high which will help keep the yard safe from prying eyes. The other good news is that privacy fence designs typically bring out the creative best in most people. Those people who require assistance with their wood fence designs will find an ample amount on the internet. There they will also see that their garden fence designs may take them from the use of wood to other materials such as vinyl or metal sheets or even wrought iron fence designs that can be so attractive. Picket Fencing Typical picket fences are made of wood such as redwood or cedar and usually stand about three feet high or so. Basically these picket fence designs are put in place to increase the curb appeal of the home more so than acting as a functional fence and they are typically available in a number of different attractive designs. Deer Fencing There is no doubt that most people love to look at and admire beautiful graceful deer but the truth is that they can quickly destroy one’s well-manicured yard so it is important when planning the backyard makeover to make the correct choices to keep them out. Security Fencing Of course another consideration of backyard design is making certain the backyard is secured from unwanted intruders. This is where wooden fence designs are often replaced by more robust entries such as iron or metal ones. Secure welded or bolted gates will add to the intended finished product. Split Rail Fencing

Those having larger yards that may accommodate animals, such as horses and other large animals, may want to look at split rail fencing to get the job done. Usually these items are made from wood but because that requires much attention to maintain it might be wise to consider use of a vinyl material instead which will hold up much longer and require a lot less effort to properly maintain in good standing. Conclusion The bottom line is that getting the proper fencing done is a great investment that will pay off for many years to come. If one doesn’t have the knowledge and time necessary to get the job done properly, hiring a professional to do it is certainly the way to go.