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5 Reasons to Choose Shingles for Your Roof

With so many roofing options, it can be difficult to understand why many homeowners still choose shingles. The truth is, though, that shingles have had an incredible, long-running track record in this country for many reasons, such as those below.

Beautiful Appearance

It’s hard to ignore the classic and beautiful look that shingles provide. As a bonus, they come in a wide range of styles and colors. And you can choose shingles that mimic the appearance of slate, wood, cedar, and other roofing types if you want.


Another great benefit that keeps homeowners choosing shingles is how affordable they are. They don’t put a big dent in the bank account, yet they can increase the value of a home and its curb appeal should you choose to sell.


Shingles are made to stand the test of time. They are waterproof, which helps keep moisture out of your home. Products like IKO shingles come with a high impact resistance rating. And many shingles come with a warranty of up to 50 years.


Shingles are also lightweight, which is a huge benefit. This means that they aren’t adding unnecessary pressure to your home or the structures holding your roof up. Some other roofing types can cause these structures to wear down over time.


IKO roofing shingles, among others, also take the load off in other ways. They are easy to install and repair, if necessary. You don’t need any additional structure for installation. And they are very low maintenance. Additionally, it’s easy to find someone who is qualified to install the shingles.

When it comes time to choose a roofing type, the choices can become overwhelming. However, if you’re looking for something that’s easy on your pockets, doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, and looks incredible, shingles can be the perfect solution for you.