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Moving overseas: What And What Not With Case Study of France

Moving to another country comes with unique set of challenges. It is like changing the world around you. New culture, customs, laws and furthermore the human interaction; that is what makes moving to another country a significant experience. Planning, organizing and finally executing make an international move successful. It also involves lot of emotions from happiness to concerns. To make life easier, there are service providers who can swiftly execute you through the whole process. The service providers take care of the financial and legal liabilities also though the whole process.

Considerations before moving 

Cost of moving into another country depends on the number of key factors.  They include:

  • Freight charge for moving goods: International large volume shipping charge is significant. Amount of goods, packing, transportation medium are the factors.
  • Shipping vehicles: This adds another few thousands of dollars to the budget. Shipping automobiles requires different logistics and permissions.
  • Transit storage: If someone wants to move out with every belonging, then there will be a storage transit cost.
  • Accommodation cost: If the mover has already rented a permanent place then it is fine. If not, there will be a requirement for temporary accommodation for a week or month.

Apart from all these travel costs, visa costs are there which are always compulsory.

Moving to France, the case study

Among European countries France has been attracting people from all over the globe due its rich academic, cultural and industrial potential. For a short stay, tourist visa of three months is easily available. Moving to France from Australia does require a visa, unlike EU countries. To stay further, one needs the one year visa at first. Then it will be renewed according to the French policies. The people over here are culturally protective. Someone who does not know French might find it difficult initially to communicate with locals. It is advisable to go through basic French training if you are planning to move. During visa process, it is important to prove the financial background of yours so that you can afford livelihood in France for yourself and your family after moving.

The French bureaucracy is another important step to deal with.  Outsiders reportedly find it difficult to go though the government formalities. The social status of the person helps granting the proper visa. Student should furnish their admission offers to obtain the visa. Also it is recommended for the students to secure some scholarship. Seeking a job after moving to France is difficult. For professionals, job offer letter from some office in France or an MNC will have an edge during visa process. Most of the French populations stay in rented house and apartments. So one must be alright is he or she has to share an apartment. It will be helpful if you try to keep in touch with immigrants from your native country after moving over there. Joining the community will further strengthen your base in France.

The bottom-line

Services provided by the movers are highly professional and sophisticated. Their consultation surely saves the money and time for a client.